Friday, July 8, 2011

Joy to Jam

After a three month hiatus from blogging I thought about making a comeback. Much has changed in the past few months...surface level transitions like moving back to Michigan but also changes within me. A friend recently said "Ashley, you seem as though your joy is gone." That was a wake-up call, because there is much to be joyful about. Perhaps this venue will allow me to share some of those blessings. To start off with something light-hearted: my first canning experience. 

Wild Black Caps

For the past few weeks our crew has gone black cap picking. Morning and night we have gone around the family property where berries grow wild and are in abundance. Even our preschooler picked and contributed to the project (although we are finding that he is best at consuming yummy berries.) The canning experience was not as scary and complicated as I first expected. With nine jars of homemade deliciousness later I have a feeling canning will be slightly addicting. Anyhow, here is the final product:

The simple pleasures in life are sweetly enjoyed in God's creation and with loved ones. In what ways do you find joy?

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  1. Right now, I'm finding joy in reading your blog! The jam looks wonderful, but I'm afraid I'm with Aaron when it comes time to pick. I probably eat more than makes it to the house!!